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Paintwork preparation

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  • Special solvent compound for the effective removal of grease and oil films from paintwork surfaces.

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  • This is one of the fastest and most efficient cleaners on the market. RD14 even removes problematic dirt such as statically clinging thin layers of dirt, road salt residues, resin, bird droppings and dried insect residues. Perfectly suited for: presoak arches or presoak foamers; HP units; interior cleaning. Double concentrate. Dilution ratio from 1:3 to...

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  • GYEON Q2M CLAY is mid-strength smooth-textured clay bar Is chemically resistant, which means it can be used in conjunction with other cleaning chemicals without any fear of it dissolving or falling apart.   pH TOLERANCE: pH 2-11 CONSUMPTION: 20gr/car

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  • Q2M ClayLube has extreme slickness which reduces friction and prevents the clay from ‘grabbing’ and marring the surface, instead the clay will slip over the surface to reveal smooth paint.   pH: neutralEXTREMELY SLICK: yesPROPERTY: effective

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  • Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance Q²M COMPOUND is a heavy cutting paste, delivering excellent performance and a high level of scratch removal. Very low level of dust and an incomparable finish. Performance: CUT 6/6, FINISH 4/6

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  • Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance Q²M POLISH is an effective polish, designed to leave a hologram free finish and deep gloss. It also has medium cutting power, proving it to be a great product for one-step refreshment. Performance: CUT 4 /  FINISH 5

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  • Advanced quartz technology combined with user friendly characteristics Q² PRIMER is an ultra-light finish and SiO2 primer. Provides superb pre-coating surface preparation and an incredibly glossy finish. Its main aim is to perfect the finish on the paints which are hardest to work with, dramatically reducing the risk of scratch marks during the final wipe...

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    GYEON Q2M PREP is the ideal product for proper cleaning of surfaces, as it ruthlessly removes all traces of oils and polishing residues with ease.   IPA PERCENTAGE: >50%CONSUMPTION: >150ml/car

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  • Q2M WaterSpot is thick and oily, so very little product is required to cover a large area. It does not diminish or dry fast, so the cleaned area can be wiped multiple times.   BODYWORK SAFE: yes COATING SAFE: yes, but it depends on coating and the time after coating pH NEUTRAL: no CONSUMPTION: 15ml/panel

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