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Non aggressive & wax

Non aggressive cleaners and glazes

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  • Superb accessories for outstanding preparation and maintenance. High quality bags for your personal favourite detailing and maintenance gear. Great quality of Gyeon Q²M DetailingBags and superb materials they are made of protects your Gyeon products even during rapid maneuvers on the road while being stored in the trunk.

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    New, non aerosol, bottles! Providing excellent protection, great looks, amazing water beading and a fast application has never been so easy.

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  • GYEON Q2M CURE enhances gloss, adds hydrophobicity and imparts strong anti-static properties. Each application of GYEON Q2M CURE has a surprisingly long lifespan of up two months, meaning it can also be used to add temporary protection to unsealed finishes.   DURABILITY: >6 weeks SiO2 PERCENTAGE: >5% CONTACT ANGLE: >80' PH TOLERANCE: pH 4-9...

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  • Advanced quartz technology combined with user friendly characteristics Q²M DispenserBottle is a great aid during polishing, as it’s light and comes in a very handy size. Its flexible material allows precise and easy dosage of polishing pastes.

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